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Only the Best

At Foremost we are dedicated to your pet’s health through providing a wide variety of high quality pet food and nutritional education– with values based in health and wellness we want to be Sault Ste Marie’s go-to when it comes to pet health and nutritional needs.

Ticks Ticking You Off?

Learn how to avoid bites from blacklegged ticks, which have been known to carry dreaded Lyme disease. Ontario public health officials are asking the public to watch out for these tiny arachnids, called ticks, that can spread Lyme disease, a real nasty. Ticks are...
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Spring Safety

Let’s face it. Winter was long this year. We are all excited to be able to say Spring has finally sprung. With the change of season, thoughts turn toward Easter and other holiday celebrations, spring cleaning and starting those home improvement projects. It’s also...
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Thinking Lizard Life?

Reptile Tips for New Owners So, you are thinking of joining the reptile lover’s world and starting your very own terrarium. At Foremost, we want to make sure you are completely prepared. So, we decided to compile a short and sweet blog of useful tips for beginner herp...
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Supplementing with Supplements

It’s normal for people to include a daily multivitamin as part of their morning routine, and regular diet. They have vitamin combinations for kids, young adults, middle agers, seniors, men, women, and the list goes on. What about our pets? We could reason that just as...
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When you shop with us you are shopping local. Not only is Foremost locally owned, but we support the local economy. We take pride in our community by supporting & sponsoring community events like the dog sled during Sault Ste Marie’s annual Bon Soo Winter Festival, and our local T.A.A.G. adoption agency.


Trying to determine which brand or type of food or the best treat or toy that is ideal for your pet can be a challenge. We are committed to helping your pets live a long and healthy life through carrying & recommending the best products.