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Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats


There are cat people and there are dog people. Which makes the better pet, dogs or cats? Those who love dogs will often argue hard that dogs make vastly superior pets, for a great many reasons. Last week we wrote the opposite, yet this week we look at the other side of the coin. At Foremost we love all animals equally, but we do recognize the benefits of having a canine friend over a sly litter-trained furball. Here are a few:

Dogs make you laugh more. Whether intentionally, or unintentionally. Dog owners tend to laugh more than cat owners and it is because of canine shenanigans. Even non-pet owners have come forward to agree. It’s that goofy tongue rolling from their snouts, or the head tilt when they are intently listening that make them so ridiculous. No matter how you look at it, or them, dogs are hilarious.




  • Dogs help you make friends. Dogs are social creatures, with regular socialization needed to stay happy and healthy. This brings dog owners together for the same. Owners get together and bond over their canine companions. Strolling around with a dog can even create more social interactions, especially with strangers, than walking solo. They literally make you new friends.

  • No litter box. Need we say more? No stinking filthy litter boxes.


  • Dogs are technologically advanced. While most cats are too busy batting crumpled paper around, some tech-savvy dogs, who we like to call IT Dogs, are learning how to recognize and respond to written commands on an iPad, like “sit” or “whirly”. They are even mastering the art of taking selfies. A London-based company called “City Dog” offers sessions to train your dog how to take selfies by swiping his nose over the screen with the right program running. Let’s see a cat do that!


  • Dog’s sense of smell can be useful.Dogs are known for their astute noses, which have been proven they can be used to sniff out bombs, help prevent drug trafficking, or track down criminals. Basically, dogs are four-legged crime fighters. Their noses are even discern between cancerous and noncancerous cells, and are used in ovarian cancer screenings.


Dogs can do jobs.

Whether it’s hunting, assisting police, livestock management, assisting with special needs, dogs are hard at work. The list of jobs a dog can accomplish can go on and on! They are so eager to please they will help with any work that needs to be done to earn their trainers (or owners) praise. While the dog is hard at work performing a quality job, the cat stays home – grooming himself.



  • Dogs keep you fit. Nothing matches the sheer enthusiasm and love of play then the dog! Indoors or outdoors, dogs are always ready for a game, and can keep both children and adults entertained for hours. Their daily need for walks also help keep their owners active and dog owners are less likely to develop heart disease and other health concerns due to these outdoor exercises. Yes, cat’s enjoy play, but only for a short period of time, and usually never involves the outdoors or any physical exertion on the owner’s level. Fido keeps us fit.   


  • Dogs are loyal. A canines’ loyalty can carry over to the fact that they are pleasers and are willing to connect with you any way they can. Dogs will listen and do anything to earn your love and trust. Thus, dogs are easily trained. Although there have been fine examples of felines being trained to certain levels like using a real toilet instead of a litter box, but these cases are considered to be rather rare and outside of the norm for our cat friends. Dogs, on the other hand, can learn quite a bit. As we previously discussed, they can even learn to recognize written commands, aside from regular sit, stay, heel and other commands.“Dog is man’s best friend”. There is a reason why this saying featured pooches instead of cats. Your dog will always be there for you due to their typically loyal natures.


Dogs are real life heroes. Not only do they work in the military, fire department, police or guide the blind, but they have known to be trained in identifying multiple health risks as well. Seizure alert, panic attack, PTSD are to name a few. Dogs have been known to run into houses on fire to save their family, kids, and other pets. As mentioned prior, their noses are being taught to sniff out certain types of cancer. This ability is saving many people’s lives. It’s truly no wonder dogs are considered real life heroes.



Dogs make life worth living.  Dogs can sense when you are sad or stressed, they will lay down by your side in order to comfort you and ease the pain, and they won’t give up until you are feeling better again. As they can sense diseases, they have also been known to recognize which family member has health or mental issues and comfort them. A dog’s ability to love unconditionally provides owners with a sense of purpose.

“Dogs give a certain meaning to their lives, since the task of caring for a dog also means a great responsibility.”

This deep love and admiration a dog can give is the final reason why dogs are better pets to own than their feline companions.

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